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“Sam Gibson is a solo artist from Newcastle Upon Tyne UK.
His song writing and unique guitar based blend of acoustic rock really stands out from the crowd.
He takes inspiration from the wide rage of favourite artists in his record collection, his style reflects his massive love for music by embracing a variety of genres.
Sam is not afraid of hard work and it shows. He has stuck to his roots by predominantly gigging in the North East however he likes to spead his wings and has enjoyed touring the UK and Europe over the last few years.
He can perform a full set of exciting covers if that is what is asked of him but he is also a very talented song writer.
Some of his own self penned songs are available to buy and his Albums and Ep’s sell at gigs and on-line in the thousands.
His growing popularity is due to hard work, talent and determination.
His recent sponsorship from Optima-strings together with the endorsement deal with Tanglewood Guitar Company show his massive appeal.
Sam is a friendly, fun loving guy who is creating a real buzz around him which is much deserved.
Albums available on all distribution sites including. ITunes , playstore etc.”




Born and raised in Dinnington Village Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sam started playing guitar at a pretty young age and all though he was very creative and productive he never really fell in love with his instrument till he was around 14 years old, and as soon as that fire was ignited the song writing began.

Through the years he has started and joined a number of bands but for various reasons never really worked out, but with the need for expressing himself through music still bubbling away inside he made the decision to go on alone as a solo artist. You can find him doing his stuff playing live around the north east and afar.

Albums available on all distribution sites including. ITunes , playstore etc..